Join Byron, the two year old St. Bernard cross as he travels the sometimes murky waters of learning to be a good canine citizen

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow Day

We finally got a heap of snow last night. My humans aren't too thrilled about it but I sure think it's great! And they are doing their best to make the best of it.
My Mom rigged up my harness to Madison's toboggan and I pulled her around in the backyard. This was my first time pulling something in the snow but Mom gave me lots of treats and I did my very best. I must have done pretty good because I sure heard a lot of loud yippee- yahoo's and faster, faster's. It was lots of fun!
After all that fun I had to have a well deserved break with my favorite football.


  1. You must be a strong pup. There is no way I could pull a sled like that. Stella is smaller than me but when we play tug, she pulls me around. But I guess I was bred for herding, not pulling :)


  2. Hi Byron,

    Thanks for visiting my blog today! I came over here to learn more about you. You are beautiful and I am sure, in no time at all, you will be socially acceptable to darn near anybody. I am going to put you on my favorites list, because I want to see you as you grow along.


  3. Byron, I think you look adorable in that last photo with the snow on your face.

  4. Hi Byron,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love to make new friends. You are a big handsome guy! Wow, I bet it was not hard at all for you to pull that youngster around in the snow. We will come back and visit you often!

    Emma Rose

  5. Hi there Byron!
    Thank woo for visiting my blog and leaving comments. Making new friends is pawesome and i'd never miss it for the world! Wow! you sure look like you're having fun in the snow there!

    Happy holidays to you and family!


  6. Hi Byron! Thanks fur visiting my blog and the nice comments. It's nice to "meet" you! You are very handsome and your mom takes wonderful photos of you!! We really love the series on the sidebar where we can see how much you grew!

    Happy 2010!


  7. Hi Byron, it's sure nice of you to stop by. I am looking forward to getting to know you in 2010! Happy New Year - from a fellow canadian!

  8. Wow!!! That looks like so much fun!! We wish we could borrow some of that lovely snow. Love and licks, Katie and Louie the Newfies